The intelligent toilet that only will have to clean once a year

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Noticias There are telephones, cars and now also intelligent toilets. At least this promises one that opens when you approach and autolimpia afterwards that you throw the chain.

And this is not everything, the device, presented in the Consumer Electronic Show of The Vegas –CES 2016, one of the technological fairs more important of the clean– world also to his user with a vara that throws water and warm air while it follows seated.

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In spite of costing US$9.800, sold more than 40 million the anterior version of the toilet Neorest.

The byline of products for the bath Toto explained that this prototype still is developing.


The process of autolimpieza uses a combination of a desinfectante and an enamel –done of dioxide of zirconium and titanium– that recubre the container.[Odourless] Image copyrightToto
Image captionCuenta With a vara that throws water and warm air, in addition to a system of autolimpieza ultra modern."When it throws the chain, rocía the interior of the container with water electrolizada", explains the spokesman of Toto, Lenora Fields.

According to the executive, the process transforms the water in a species of soft chlorine.

"This clean deeply the interior, killing all what remain in the container", says Fields.

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