Dishes of Shower Anna Bagno

Muebles, Mamparas de Ducha y Grifería
Dish of Shower Anti-deslizante with Gelcoat

Dish of shower Anna Bagno White and Graphite

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Several measured drain centred, anti-deslizante. 
Calido Thanks to the GEL-COAT of 600 micras of thickness, is almost 10 times but thick that a sanitary painting.
Resistant to tall temperatures, Hydrofugous no porous.
Antideslizante Class 3, Antibacteriano touch pleasant and mineral conserves the heat.
Your installer can cut it and cajear to the measure wished. Free transport.

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Dish of Shower Graphite Anti-deslizante several measures
Dish of White Shower Anti-deslizante several measures
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