Mampara Frontal Shower Sena

Muebles, Mamparas de Ducha y Grifería
Mampara Of Shower Sena Frontal a fixed leaf and a sliding.
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Mampara Of Frontal Shower Sena a fixed leaf and a sliding.

- Without Guia Inferior
Aluminium Anodizado or Lacado
Composed of Temperate Crystal of 6mm of Thickness  
Treatment Antical included
Extensores Of 50mm for a total adaptation to the collapses of the walls
Height of 195cm
Manufactured in Spain
Immediate service
Free transport

In case to want Setting of the Mampara consult         Information     

Measure correctly the walls is essential to choose a mampara of shower, ideal, in this case a mampara frontal.
It is not a difficult task, even that you have to know how do it in function of the measures that have.
You have to know cual choose since usually you found you that the walls are not all the straight that imagine us.
If have doubts on how measure well your mampara, do not concern you, follows reading and explained you like measuring.

It looks this PDF where edges as it is of easy take measures
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